Algebra 1


This course covers algebra as if it was taught in high school. Students are expected to use critical thinking to increase their depth of knowledge. This course will use a variety of materials and methods to make algebra relatable to students.

This course focuses on:  

  • Reasoning about structure to define and make sense of rational exponents and explore the algebraic structure of the rational and real number systems.  
  • Solving absolute value equations, linear inequalities and systems of linear equations  
  • Building functions in a modeling context and solve problems related to the resulting functions with a focus on linear, simple exponential and quadratic equations.  
  • Using more formal means of assessing how a model fits data (regression, graphical representations). 

It is understandable students coming into this course may not have all the basic skills to master algebra. There will be extra activities to fill in the gaps. Students should understand that filling these basic gaps will reduce the learning curve of abstract thinking. Although a middle school course, the major goals of this course are to assist students in developing skills necessary to meet the algebra content standards and to prepare students for the High School Exit Exam.

Quick Links

Extra Resources

  • Math TV
  • PBS Learning
  • Get the Math

Make sure you are using Google Chrome and logged into your .Net account to click on to the following links. If you have not, click this link to log in to Google.

Algebra is an Advance Math Class

This class is an advance course where students may have skipped Math 7, Math 8 or both. There will be some gaps of knowledge. To help fill these gaps, there will be DAILY homework. I assign about 30-40 minutes worth of homework every night. If it is taking longer than 40 minutes, it means your student’s skills are below basic and may need some extra support like tutoring or after school help. Homework will be a mix of textbook, Khan Academy, IXL and note taking. Students are expected to work on either Khan Academy or IXL for and extra 90 minutes a week. The online homework is for students to work on skills they skipped or skills they are struggling with or to work on the current lesson concepts.

Online Homework

In Khan Academy, students can practice assignments; explore skills; challenge their mastery level; or watch videos on topics discussed in the classroom. In the practice get at least 4 in a row to increase mastery levels. If your student struggles, Khan Academy will recommend videos or show hints. Students should be going back to past concepts and develop a deeper level of mastery. I have created a textbook lesson alignment for Khan Academy. The links to specific skills can be found on the table of contents and my website: (Students must be logged into their .Net account to access)

IXL is a paid service given to your student by Garden Grove Unified School District. Students practice skills trying to reach 100 smart points. If your student gets a problem wrong, IXL will show each step in detail. I have created a textbook lesson alignment for IXL. The links to specific skills can be found on the table of contents and my website: (Students must be logged into their .Net account to access)


If students continue to struggle, they can post questions on Seesaw. Seesaw is an academic social media platform where students can post questions and have other students answer these questions. Students are expected to use Seesaw as a resource. The more students interact with Seesaw, the extra credit a student can earn.